About Us

Founded by Rachael Ashley in 2013, AccessCFOs is San Diego’s premier accounting firm when it comes to outsourced accounting , CFO consulting services, budgeting, and forecasting and other boutique accounting and financial services.


Rachael Ashley, CPA Owner & Consulting CFO

Originally from San Diego, California, Rachael graduated from the SDSU School of Accountancy, and obtained her California CPA license in the year 1998. Some of her key professional highlights include the Big 4 CPA experience from PricewaterhouseCoopers in San Diego and San Francisco in the areas of business assurance, litigation and financial advisory service departments.

Rachael has over 25 years of progressive accounting and financial management experience which includes over fifteen years of holding executive leadership positions as well as key financial board member representation and advisory roles.
She holds an extensive Industry expertise in real estate and escrow, as well as professional services. Her significant experience with complex financial and legal structures, high volume accounting processes, internal controls, compliance and governance oversight, lease management, financial analysis and reporting has benefited many industry partners over the years.

Rachael has a flair for working with start-ups, helping them fine tune their business strategy, creating long term financial projections and being a value added team member to CEOs and their companies.
With her extensive industry experience and financial knowledge, she has built a reputation within the financial industry. From big businesses to small enterprises, Rachael's team of highly skilled and qualified financial professionals has all it takes to drive an organization to growth and success.

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